Wapping canal ‘fishermen’ caught in the act

Two ‘fishermen’ were spotted earlier this afternoon fishing for carp in Wapping canal – which is not right.

One of our Wildlife Rangers (On The Way Back From Waitrose Division) was on the way back from Waitrose walking along the canal when one of other Wildlife Rangers alerted our team to the two men fishing.

Fishing for carp, Wapping canal
Fishing for carp, Wapping canal

Obviously our Wildlife Rangers are no experts so these two gentlemen may well have been resting their rods on the canal railings while at the same time allowing their fishing lines to drift in the water.

To be on the safe side we asked them what they were doing?

“Fishing for carp” was the reply.

When it was pointed out that this was not actually allowed and if they wanted to fish for carp (provided they have a rod license of course) they could go down to Shadwell Basin they indicated that they couldn’t care less.

Anyway thanks to the several Wapping residents who called 101 about this issue – much appreciated.

The police also informed Tower Hamlets Council.

Seems the penalty for fishing without a rod licence is £2,500 and seizure of all your fishing gear.

Which seems only fair.


After about 15 minutes or so the ‘fishermen’ moved off towards Wapping Lane but we thought it would be kind to publish these photos as a memento of their fishing expedition.

Don’t think they caught anything.




  1. well done for your community mindedness and bravery. its a pity theses selfish a-holes weren’t arrested.

    1. I didn’t do anything – and kept a sensible distance too! Am sure they will be advised as to the error of their ways at some point.

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