Hermitage basin rope sculpture switched on

The rope sculpture that sits on the north side of Hermitage Basin is back in action after a long struggle to provide a suitable electricity supply.

It seems that the power requirements for the sculpture are quite high so it is not known how often the rope sculpture will be in ‘active’ mode as shown in the photograph below.

Hermitage Rope Sculpture - now in working order.
Hermitage Rope Sculpture – now in working order.

Alexander Miles  of the The Alexander Miles Gallery in St.Katharines Dock’s took the photo as he was passing the other day and has kindly allowed Love Wapping to reproduce it. 

“I have lived in Wapping for… how many years? FINALLY saw this switched on this morning,” said Alex in a tweet. 

No doubt many other residents will find the rope sculpture to be a portal into the art world.

Of course you could always pop along to the The Alexander Miles Gallery and have a look in the window – or even step inside and find yourself transported to another dimension.

You can also see Allan Stephens at work in the gallery this week in celebration of his London /  Paris exhibition.

Click here for full details of how the rope sculpture works.

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