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  1. Biggs was invited to be a petitioner by myself and declined. He also sought to manage the petition and offered ‘big money’ if we switched back to Shamash, Labour’s solicitor who was sacked by a majority of Petitioners. Biggs knows nothing about the strengths and weaknesses of the petitioners and the point is we made it while he sneered at the prospect of us loosing our homes in costs. Thanks John, it’s the sort of comradeship I have come to expect. Your written apology said it all. I will take no lessons in people skills from John Biggs. If there is any more of these untruths I will present irrefutable evidence which proves my version of the truth. I suspect that Labour High Command wanted the Petition to fail because they feared correctly that it would expose the dirty deal between Lutfur and Balls/Miliband to bring him back into the fold behind the membership backs. No support from the Labour MPs, Leader of Labour Group. And you wonder why I left Labour? The voters will decide.

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