Tower Hamlets First councillors hard at work – in Greece

Update 17:49 Saturday as usual Ted Jeory has a very good explanation of this little trip, you can read it here:  Lutfur’s In Betweeners: Four Tower Hamlets First councillors fly to Greece to dish out advice

As Tower Hamlets awaits the ruling from the recent Electoral Petition case and cuts hit front-line services residents can relax in the knowledge that several councillors from the ruling Tower Hamlets First administration have been hard at work in Athens, Greece.

According to tweets from the IFE selfie king Cllr. Mahbub Alam the delegation to Athens, Greece, was led by Deputy Mayor Oliur Rahman at the invitation of Greek Syrzia government with colleagues Shafiqul Haque, Shahed Ali, Ahad Miah and a number of union and community representatives.

In the first photo below you can see (clockwise) Cllr Mahbub Alam, Ahad Miah, Cllr Shafiqul Haque Deputy Mayor Oliur Rahman and Cllr Shahed Ali posing for a selfie just before their trip during the last week.

It’s good to know that the costs of the trip by “The delegation team” to Athens was, according to a tweet by Cllr. Alam, met at their own expense.

Borough residents would expect nothing less from Tower Hamlets First.



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