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Seven new cygnets for Wapping

By on March 22, 2015 in News, Swans

Great news! The Wapping swans are now proud parents to seven cygnets! The latest Waeppas hatched a couple of days ago and earlier than expected.

Here are some great photos of the cygnets enjoying their first swim by local resident and Wapping Wildlife Ranger (Canal Division) Seb. He and his partner, like many other residents, have been keeping an eye on the swans and their eight eggs.

Image © Seb 2015

Image © Seb 2015

Image © Seb 2015

Image © Seb 2015

Image © Seb 2015

Image © Seb 2015

Image © Seb 2015

Image © Seb 2015

Now all they need is some sunshine.

Last year the swans had six eggs, all hatched but one cygnet was soon taken by a predator.

Fortunately the rest of the cygnets grew into strapping young swans who gave everyone a lot of pleasure.

Let’s make sure we look after this years youngsters just as well.

As of yesterday one swan egg remained, let’s see if this hatches.

Thugs at work

Our Shadwell Basin Wildlife Ranger has reported that a group of young thugs have been seen throwing stones at the swans in the basin.

If you see such disgusting behaviour please report it to the police via 101 immediately.

Bad duckling news

Unfortunately the duckling have not been doing so well.

Ten ducklings hatched but now (21 March) only three remain.


Wapping ducklings

Wapping ducklings

Mr Burns has been blamed for this but he is innocent. He flew off soon after the ducklings were born, probably because he was fed up getting hassled by the swans.

Presumably the ducklings that have been taken have fallen victim to another natural predator.

One problem the mother duck has is that there is no natural cover such as reeds or other fauna for her and her brood to hide in.

But our Wildlife Rangers think there may well be something happening soon to change this…

Look out for a big announcement about Wapping Canal very soon indeed.



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