Wapping MPS Safer Neighbourhood Team updates

A couple of weeks back (sorry! busy!) there was a meeting of the Met Police Safer Neighbourhood Team Wapping & SKD Ward panel, a good way for our local police officers to let us know what is going and for residents to raise any concerns.

Police officers attending included:

  • PS Jak Bentley  (Jak runs our SNT team)
  • PCSO Sandra Monteiro De Sousa
  • PCSO Sanj Vadher
  • PC Pete McCubbin

A warm Wapping welcome to Pete McCubbin

If you should see PC McCubbin on his beat do say hello as he is our dedicated officer and is obviously keen to gain knowledge of Wapping and what goes on.

Jak explained that the Wapping ward is part of the Tower Hamlets South West ‘cluster’ which also includes Limehouse, Shadwell, St Dunstan’s and Stepney. Each ward is headed by a Sergeant (Jak in our case) and each has a dedicated team officer to deal with the policing issues that arise (Pete).

We were told that Wapping and SKD now have four PC’s and two PCSO’s and this will soon to increase to five PC’s in total.

Officers may be moved from one Ward to police another part of the cluster if demand dictates and may also be used by the Borough for events such as policing demonstrations. However, the Dedicated Ward officers will not be part of this movement of assets and remain on their respective Wards to maintain a policing presence and continuity of policing strategy for each ward.

Jak has recently joined the wonderful world of Twitter, he is @MPSWapping . But please do NOT report crime on Twitter – dial 101 or 999 as appropriate.

ASB still a problem in Wapping

Jak said that most calls to the police in Wapping where regarding Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and this was highlighted during a recent walkabout.

Inglefield Square, Cinnamon Street & Wapping High Street

Problem areas are Inglefield Square off Prusom Street, Cinnamon Street and Wapping High Street. All of these locations have been subject of youths gathering to drink alcohol and smoke. They are mostly residents of Wapping and are old enough to drink. The meeting was told that Wapping is now part of the no drinking zone and those stopped and spoken to had had letters of warning sent to them regarding their future conduct.

Vaughan Way, Waterman Way & Kennet Street

The main focus for the Wapping Policing team is an increase in crime in the Vaughan Way, Kennet Street and surrounding area. This includes three offences of street robbery and burglary. The meeting was informed that a male had been arrested for burglary in Waterman Way and was now being investigated with several similar offences.

Jak has asked us all to keep on the lookout for a male that has been seen in the area and was still of interest to the police:

Have you seen this man?

  • White male
  • Aged in his 30’s
  • Fair hair
  • Gaunt features
  • Often uses a pedal cycle
  • Tends to operate in the early morning (06.00-08.00 hrs)

Any information dial 101 as Jak and his colleagues would like to have a little chat with him.

Wapping still very safe

Jak stated that overall, the crime rate in Wapping and St. Katharine’s Dock area means that it is still one of the safest places to live in London.

He and his team have been busy around our local fort (the Tower of London) on various operations to make the lives of pickpockets and thieves who prey on tourists miserable and will continue to do so.

Last year three men who were posing as police officers to steal from tourists were arrested by the SNT team. These men were suspected of over 100 similar offences across London. So no surprise that they were granted bail at their court hearing – and have not been seen since.

SNT default patrol areas

Vaughan Way, Kennet Street, Waterman Way and surrounding areas are now the priority and default patrol areas of the Wapping SNT.

As ever Jak, Pete, Sanj and Sandra can only do their job properly if people like you – yes you – report unacceptable or suspicious behaviour to them.

So call 101 or 999 if you see anything naughty happening!

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