Learn how to get creative with Microsoft Excel in Limehouse

Starting on Monday 16th February at John Scurr Community Centre (next to Limehouse Station) there will be a series of free workshops designed to provide a fun, hands-on, introduction to creative working with Microsoft Excel.

A different approach

Anyone running a business will be familiar with Excel but many people have no need for a spreadsheet – or even know what a spreadsheet is! These workshops being run by Creative Excel and Newlon Fusion take a very different approach to Excel than just crunching numbers.

Each workshop will be a self-contained lesson led by a professional and will introduce participants to some very interesting skills.

Participants will leave the workshops with an appreciation for the type of creative work that is possible through software, the confidence to approach challenging problems.

Example exercises include:

  • Predicting the football scores
  • Creating art with Excel
  • Teach a computer to play ‘Guess Who’?

The workshops will start at a basic level, with little need for previous experience, and we will try to cater for various levels of experience.

Anyone who has used a computer to send an email or surf the internet should be able to gain something from the workshops.

It’s free

Oh and did we mention it’s free?

For more information:


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