Wapping Group Practice patients forum needs you

It seems two of the most common things to complain about in Wapping are late bus arrivals and visits to the doctor.

While there is absolutely nothing you can do about the D3 or D100 bus service, apart from buying your own bus, you can help the Wapping Group Practice understand patient’s needs better by participating in its patients forum.

(Or just stop complaining about a free at the point of delivery health service that is the envy of the world. Or don’t be ill. Ever)

Run and chaired by patients

The patients forum group was formed some time ago to allow the practice to fully engage with the patients. The group is run and chaired by the patients but representatives from the practice attend the meetings, typically a GP and the practice manager.

The meetings involve informal discussions about matters that affect some or all of the patients of the Wapping Group Practice. The meetings cover topics like updates on changes in the practice or matters that affect the wider Wapping Community but also include the opportunity discuss specific topics suggested by the group.

The meetings take place at the surgery at 6:15pm every two months. They usually last about one and a half hours and all patients are welcome to come along.

Electronic prescription service

At the last meeting one of the topics under discussion was the new system of being able to have your prescription sent electronically to the chemists. Do you use this service? Does it work for you? If not why not?

If you are interested in taking part then please get in touch either via Wapping Group Practice reception or email to Alison Rozario at alisonrozario@nhs.net.

And please remember the NHS has no responsibility for running the buses. Yet.

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