Today the East End of London stands with Paris #JeSuisCharlie

Today’s massacre at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo reminds us that an attack on one is an attack on all.

Londoners have been spared the blood but we share the revulsion.


An attack on the freedom of the press in France is an attack on the freedom of the press in London. And New York. And Berlin.

Everywhere there is democracy there is a free press. The two cannot be separated.


The scum that slaughtered 12 people, 10 journalists and two police officers, will be brought to justice.

Why is an inconsequential hyperlocal website in Wapping writing about such a cataclysmic event in another country?

Because those who perpetrated this horror and their supporters need to be reminded that they will never win.

International media outlets, national papers, satirical magazines, personal blogs, hyperlocal sites, tweets, Facebook posts. Everywhere the terrorists turn they must be shown the futility of their actions.