Wapping Canal clean up this Saturday 3rd January 10 AM

There will be a clean up operation along Wapping Canal area on Saturday 3rd January, meet 10 AM at canal by Tobacco Dock.

Let’s start 2015 in the way we intend to continue and get the Wapping wildlife’s environment sorted.

During the week our Wildlife Ranger Patrols (Kevin Division) met Alexey who had picked up several empty beer cans from outside 21 Wapping Lane and walked across the road and put them in the single broken rubbish bin by Tobacco Dock. He does this a lot because he cares about Wapping.

Alexey told us that he wanted to organise a community clean up of the canal so here it is!

Wrap up warm

Wrap up warm as it might be a little chilly. Gloves are essential and if you happen to have a litter pick like Mr Picky (below) then bring it along. We bought ours for a tenner at Machine Mart on the Highway.

Mr Picky doing his picky thing.
Mr Picky doing his picky thing.


When we get ourselves organised we can team with charities who specialise in this sort of work and access better equipment. We had hoped to organise a clean up of Shadwell Basin in the summer but the nonsense surrounding the local elections got in the way.

As we will be working near the water please be aware that any children coming along must be supervised at all times. If they fall in they might scare the fish.

Wading through filth for dinner

As we all know kingfishers have been spotted on the canal and they are only going to survive and flourish if they have a good environment.  Most days you can spot various empty bottles and cans floating in the water and it is a travesty to see the kingfisher and the grey heron wading through junk to fish.

Empty cans floating in Wapping canal
Empty cans floating in Wapping canal


We have to sort the long-term problem of the scum bags who use the canal as a waste bin but that is not going to happen quickly. This is one reason we have unilaterally declared the creation of the Wapping Wildlife Habitat.

But we can do stuff now so let’s get out there and get tidying!

Bottles picked from a 8m stretch of the canal in 15 minutes.
Bottles picked from a 8m stretch of the canal in 15 minutes.


The team from Bow Landscaping do a fantastic job of looking after the canal but they can’t be everywhere all the time.

Kevin Kingfisher being seen on the canal is a direct result of the work that Chris and his colleagues have done in sorting the water flow in the canal and keeping it clean.

Let’s help Chris and his team make Wapping canal even better for the wildlife and every one who lives, works and visits Wapping.

And of course you might get to see Kevin Kingfisher as a reward for your efforts.

Kevin with breakfast
Kevin with breakfast


Kevin says thanks and see you on Saturday 3rd January at the canal by Tobacco Dock at 10 AM!



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