Mayor Lutfur Rahman is toast.

Some things in life are worth waiting for. This morning’s publication of the PwC report into Tower Hamlets Council was followed three hours later by a statement to the House of Commons by Eric Pickles MP, the Communities Secretary.

While still in office it seems that Mayor Lutfur and his Tower Hamlets First administration are no longer in power.


Mayor Lutfur is toast.
Mayor Lutfur is toast.

The Rotten Borough of Tower Hamlets

You may have heard the term ‘rotten borough’ used today to describe Tower Hamlets. Here is the Wikipedia definition of the term. 

There has been extensive coverage of the release of the PwC report, Best Value Inspection of London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and the statement by Mr Pickles. Here are some links.

On reading the report the entire Love Wapping Cartography Department was delighted to see more than a little similarity between the illustrative maps by PwC of how grant allocations seemed to be biased towards the west of the Borough and their own recent work here and here. Oh and here.

Another media conspiracy

Mr Pickles has given Tower Hamlets Council 14 days to propose how they will put the Town Hall in order but no one in their right mind thinks that this is going to happen. First will be anguished cries from Rahman and crew of a media conspiracy and then the usual blatant propaganda which residents are supposed to believe.

So it is simply a matter of time before Mr Pickles sends in his team to take direct control of our great borough which has been dragged into the gutter by blatant cronyism.

This will be only the first of many steps towards restoring democracy in Tower Hamlets.

This saga is not over yet.

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  1. Good start, i’m not entirely sure what Mayor Rahman can actually do after this, so much of his remit has been removed from him and his cabinet. There needs to be moves to remove pay and allowances from the Mayor and his Cabinet so their renumeration reflects their actual remit, which by the looks of it isn’t very broad.

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