Kevin the Kingfisher shows his true colours

Out on patrol this afternoon our entire team of Wildlife Rangers (Photographic Division) were pleased to find that people walking along the canal by Tobacco Dock were asking “Have you seen Kevin?” rather than just “Have you seen the kingfisher?”.

Sounds like Kevin is already both a friend and neighbour.

We have lift off!
We have lift off!

The photo above shows Kevin rocketing out of the water with a fish in his beak, much to the annoyance of a seagull who was also looking for a nice snack.

Our Photographic Team reported that this was the first time they had come even close to a decent photograph of Kevin as for once there was just enough sunlight to allow a fast enough shutter speed to freeze frame our new neighbour in all his glory.

Nice to meet all the other kingfishers admirers today, especially Sam.

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