Wapping High Street development to create 42 new homes

Just when you thought it was safe to read the Tower Hamlets Planning Application Register – another building development in Wapping!

This one is 125-129 Wapping High Street, 13-15 Cinnamon Street and 14-15 Clegg Street. And a bit of Clave Street. No idea where that is? Directly opposite the current development next to the Overground Station.

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Consultation this Friday and Saturday

One of the off duty Love Wapping Wildlife Rangers discovered this new development by chance after seeing a leaflet in Cinnamon coffee shop. You can download this leaflet below.

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Our Rangers are easily confused at the best of times and at first thought the leaflet was referring to the current Phoenix Wharf development. But it wasn’t. This is a new one. Lovely.

There is a consultation being held this Friday and Saturday at Raine House – short notice I think. Timings below. Anyone else hear of this before today? Three days notice is not good.

  • Friday 17th October 2014 14:00-18:00
  • Saturday 18th October 2014 13:00-17:00

At the time of writing it is not known who the developers Phoenix London and Regional are as the information website www.phoenixwapping.co.uk had no content at all last night but does have some content today.

There is no trace of the Planning Application on the Tower Hamlets Planning Application Register  (Planno! Do your thing!).  The developers can be contacted on 0208 819 0555 or info@phoenixwapping.co.uk.

The wonderful Opencorporates site does give some information about Phoenix London & Regional. And the Dilip Kesavan referenced may well be this Dilip Kesavan on Linkedin. No big deal, just being nosy.

The Love Wapping Planning Scrutinisation Department (Southern Branch) is at a loss for a snappy title for this development. WappCinnCleCla doesn’t really trip off the tongue. I am sure He Who Pootles will come up with something.

36 percent affordable housing

The proposal includes 36 percent affordable homes, although what ‘affordable’ means in London in 2014 is open to debate.

The three site are shown on the sketch plan below that the Love Wapping Cartography Department knocked out this morning – the Google maps photo with a scrappy red outline on the official leaflet is useless.


[wpdm_file id=29]

Here is an extract from the leaflet.

“Phoenix London & Regional will be applying for planning permission to regenerate three disused or semi-disused warehouse buildings in Wapping with the aim of turning them into 42 new homes.

We are engaging residents to find out your views on our plans and to ensure you have an active part in shaping our plans as they develop.

We will be holding a series of exhibition events so you can have a chance to engage the developers and architects directly and give us your feedback on our proposals.

A large number of the units for private sale will be 3 bedroom or large 1and 2 bedroom accommodation with floor space significantly greater than that stipulated by the Mayor of London’s guidelines. In addition we are proposing a high-end landscaped courtyard to provide outdoor space for the new development .

We will be placing all the social rented units in site B with three intermediate units on site A. This will make it easier for the Registered Social Landlord administering the properties to provide a bespoke service that meets the needs of tenants .

We are also keen to work with the local community, key stakeholders and elected members to put together a package of community benefits that reflects what people in Wapping really need and want. That’s why as part of our consultation process we will be asking you to tell us what we should be doing to give something back to the community.”


All good stuff. As long as the promises are made good.

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