Wapping cygnets – then there were three

It seems that two of the Wapping cygnets have flown the nest. Our Wapping Cygnet Rangers report that yesterday morning only three of the cygnets were on the canal and this was the same today (Saturday). Two of the cygnets were with one adult on the canal itself, the other adult and one cygnet on Hermitage Pond (Pond? Basin?).

All five safe and well.
The Wapping Cygnets.

The cygnets were born at the end of April and so the stronger ones would, at around 120 days old, would be capable of flying off and doing their own thing. Often cygnets are forced away by the parents so this is normal. Although both the parents were making unusual cries today neither seemed in distress. If a cygnet is killed the adults will search for up to a week.

So that is that. Wild animals just doing the wild animal thing.

then more of this...
Lift off.

Many of us in Wapping consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have witnessed the birth and development of all five cygnets.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the remaining three. And of course if they fly off as well then the whole cycle will start again next year.


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