“Colin never hurt anyone…unless it was necessary”

Ah yes, one of the classic quotes from a classic British film, The Long Good Friday, that immediately evokes memories of  the late great Bob “I put money in all your pockets!” Hoskins.  And not forgetting a certain Dame Helen Mirren of course.

This Wednesday 10th September 2014 our river bank chums at Limehouse Community Forum (LCF) are hosting a pop-up movie night featuring The Long Good Friday at Branch Road.

LCF want the GLA to give them the land (the fenced off bit over Limehouse Link, next to the Rotherhithe Tunnel entrance) as a community garden centre and this pop-up movie is to highlight this very good idea. LCF are working with Spitalfields City Farm who will be at the screening gathering public opinion.

So as not to upset the neighbours the soundtrack will be enjoyed via wireless headphones. Amazing. Headphones in Limehouse. Whatever next?

For full information and to buy tickets check out the Limehousemovie site.

And please remember folks, “You don’t crucify someone outside a church! Not on Good Friday!”

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