Wapping motorist drives car onto bollard

London has its fair share of idiot drivers but Wapping Lane junction Watts Street was witness to the abilities of a real moron this afternoon as a motorist drove his car onto a bollard. And there the car stayed.

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Puzzled bystanders scratched their heads as they tried to work out how it was possible to park a car in such a novel way.

The generally accepted explanation was that the driver turned left and accelerated completely oblivious to either (a) the bollard or (b) the purpose of a bollard.

No one was injured in the incident apart from the bollard.

If the bollard had not been doing its job the idiot driver could have seriously injured or killed someone, so maybe it’s not so funny after all?

This idiot car driver may or may not be related to the idiot lorry driver who drove over the same bollard the other week.

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If anyone has a tracked armoured vehicle please let us know if you ever demonstrate how to really drive over a bollard. Thanks.



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