Vaughan Way trees ready to be felled for London Dock lorry entrance?

It looks like the new ‘surprise’ lorry entrance in Vaughan Way at London Dock is going ahead and three trees will be the first victims. Rapidly followed by the rest of Wapping.

Today tree fellers were at work trimming the main branches and leaves from the three trees in Vaughan Way where the HGV vehicle entrance is proposed. Which means either that these three trees have been chosen for extra special care and attention – or in the next few days they will be chopped down.

View of three trees after removal of branches, Vaughan Way, London Dock, E1W
View of three trees after removal of branches, Vaughan Way, London Dock, E1W

Click the image above to see a larger version.

Look at the tree on the right to see what they looked like a little earlier.

It might be a good idea for Wapping residents to keep an eye out over the weekend and next week to see what happens to the trees. If you see anything please tweet to @lovewapping and also take some photos.

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If of course the trees are staying where they are and the vehicle entrance is not going to be built all of a sudden then that’s great and apologies for the paranoia.

It’s just that we love Wapping just as it is thanks. That does not mean that developments like London Docks are bad for Wapping, quite the opposite, but residents expect to be considered before and during building work take place.

It would be a silly and fundamental mistake for St. George / London Dock to think for even one minute that because they have (some) planning permission they can do what they like.



  1. Noticed today that these trees have been cut down. What a shame. Surely this project could be completed without such a permanent measure. I just hope the developers plan to replace them once completed. I’m amazed they got approval to remove the trees in the first place.

  2. It would be good to get an assurance on the trees, if they are to be felled , the people of St.Katharines’s & Wapping should be able to choose their replacements, plus the enhancements for the area in general

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