A wapping £25,000 raised by Whopping Rainbow Runners

There have been so many events going on in Wapping the last week or two that the Love Wapping Events Department has completely failed to keep up.

Rainbow Trust

As proof here is a pic of the Whopping Rainbow Run organised by the Rainbow Trust [External link] and the Events Department have yet to sort out the Wapping Shindig photos. But hey, it’s a free service, so tough.


Anyway as our band of roving photographers watched the runners enter Wapping Gardens in the evening sunshine they were all impressed by the sheer number of runners. And the organisation – they even had a drinks stand!

But then the run was sponsored by the nice people at Deutsche Bank and the drinks were courtesy of Coco5, one of those sports drinks things if you are too posh to go for a pint in the Star. There again if you tried running with a pint it would spill, wouldn’t it?

A Wapping whopping £25,000

But seriously folks the runners managed to raise a whopping £25,000! How good is that?

Well done to all involved, especially the nice man who went round afterwards removing all the race signs. Much appreciated.

Wapping Mini Marathon on Saturday

In case all this talk of running for a good cause there is another charity run on Saturday, the Wapping Mini Marathon around Shadwell Basin. Details on leaflet below.



(Click image to see a larger and, let’s be honest, readable version.)




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