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PwC audit into Tower Hamlets Council. Examples of delayed information requests

Wondering exactly what it is Tower Hamlets Council do not want PwC, the DCLG and Tower Hamlets residents to know about?

Correspondence between PwC and DCLG

Here are two links to correspondence between PwC and the DCLG.

Letter to Paul Rowsell, Deputy Director, Democracy at DCLG from Will Kenyon of PwC [External link to PDF file] who is in charge of the audit giving some examples of the way in which Mayor Lutfur’s crew have been dragging their feet.

And the response from Mr Rowsell to Will Kenyon [External link to PDF file].

Delayed information requests – some examples

The first letter is the most interesting as it gives two pages of examples of what the problems are. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.


Examples of delayed information requests, Table 1

Examples of delayed information requests, Table 1


Examples of delayed information requests, Table 2

Examples of delayed information requests, Table 2

(As ever, click on an image to see a larger version)


So what have we here then?

Here are some highlights.

Item number 101 Grants. List of the [redacted] organisations under investigation by Internal Audit and the status of these investigations.

Item 104 Property Disposals. The legal files for [redacted] property transactions.

Item 137 General. A list of all investigations, reviews or similar conducted by Internal Audit, External Audit or… [well, you get the idea].

Item 143 Publicity. Documents concerning the procurement process followed and approval for services procured from the following advisors:

  • [redacted]
  • [redacted]
  • [redacted]
  • [redacted]

Item 99 Grants. List of grants awarded through the Rapid Response Team (RTT)

Enjoy residents of Tower Hamlets! Enjoy!!!!!



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