Moorhen chick rescue on Wapping canal

High drama on Wapping canal last night as a local resident rescued three moorhen chicks.

Many of us enjoy looking at the wildlife on Wapping canal as we walk to and from work. Local resident Peter was on his way home yesterday evening when he noticed three moorhen chicks in a bit of a pickle just near Tobacco Dock.

No way back

Three chicks had managed to get down from the main canal level where there parents were rearing them.  One was one level down, the other two chicks two levels down. And they had no way back up. What to do?

Obvious to Peter who went home, changed into full bird rescue gear, grabbed some bread and strapped a colander to a stick as an impromptu chick scoop. Oh and told his wife he was off to rescue some moorhens.

Useless Wildlife Rangers

Back at the canal a small crowd gathered as Peter considered his options. At this point one of the Wapping Wildlife Rangers (Marine Division) turned up on a routine evening patrol. All he did was take photos while Peter did the work. Useless.

View the photos below to see what happened next.

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Impressive stuff. Well done to Peter for getting his feet wet.

Below are some photos of the moorhens in their normal domestic situation.

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