Delays at the verification and count for the May 2014 elections in Tower Hamlets

The review by the Electoral Commission of the Tower Hamlets Election Count From Hell has been published and you can find it here:

Delays at the verification and count for  the May 2014 elections in Tower  Hamlets [External link to PDF file]

Highlights later if I decide to waste even more of my life on this fiasco.


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  1. Page 31 is worth a look:

    “In his evidence to us the Returning Officer highlighted that he had to intervene to address several instances of unacceptable behaviour, including to insist that only appointed counting agents were allowed in the seats made available for them to challenge doubtful ballot paper adjudications.
    The Returning Officer has also stated that he removed two teams of counting assistants from the local council ward recounts on Sunday 25 May following allegations that they had spoken in an overly friendly way to the Mayor….several submissions also expressed concern about some counting agents and other attendees talking to count staff in Bengali, which meant that other observers could not understand what had been said.”

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