Common Tern stooping over Shadwell Basin, London, E1 (photos)

While on Great Crested Grebe patrol the Wildlife Rangers spotted Terry (or is it Tracy?) Tern stooping for fish in its usual spot by the Hydraulic Power Station.

He (or was it she?) did this several times, hovering in the air looking down into the water for fish, but each time saw nothing so flew off.

Same photo geek details as before but different lens, Canon 28-200 kit lens. These are all from one sequence.

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I should also like to highlight what is probably the world’s worst tern joke courtesy of @rooneypoos.

“I once had a lovely seabird offer to do me a big favour. Worked out marvellous, so I set him up with another local seabird and they hit it off straight away.

I just think that one good tern deserves another.”



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