Do you really know who you are voting for on Thursday?

I don’t often visit the Conservative Home website but this link  Is it Conservative to believe that “the Islamic state is the greatest contribution to humanity”?  was tweeted by Ted Jeory earlier so checked it out. Suggest you do too.

The language used by Paul Goodman is a little too intellectual for me to be honest, but then the site is designed for professional politicians. And I ain’t one.

Subject of the post is Entryism in Newham and the crazy shameful fact that the local Conservative Party there seems happy to abandon any principle to have even the vaguest chance of gaining power.

Seems the Tories are investigating what is going on in Newham (let us know the result of that one please) but the final sentence carries this warning which is just as pertinent in Tower Hamlets as in Newham:

“…in the borough at the local elections, voters should scrutinise the candidates closely before making decisions.”

Reality is that if you do not vote with your eyes open you could be voting for a different party than the one your candidate claims to represent.

You are safe with Labour and Conservative candidates in Wapping and SKD at least but stray further from the mainstream than that and who knows who will benefit from your vote?

Entryism is rife in Tower Hamlets and has been for many years. This election gives those who vote for Mayoral and councillor candidates the chance to set it back.

Consider these words about Tower Hamlets:

They [the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE)] are acting almost as an entryist organisation, placing people within the political parties, recruiting members to those political parties, trying to get individuals selected and elected so they can exercise political influence and power, whether it’s at local government level or national level.

Those are the words of Jim Fitzpatrick, our MP. Spoke in February 2010.

From the research I have done the only MP who has stood up and made these claims about Entryism is Jim. Pity no one listened.

Whoever you believe in and whoever you vote for make sure you get to the ballot box on Thursday.



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