Brady Youth Forum – Tower Hamlets Council payments

As everyone else (even Ted Jeory) is writing about the investigation into the Brady Youth Forum that is somehow / maybe / probably not / who really cares anymore / related to the current investigation by the DCLG into Tower Hamlets Council I thought I might as well jump in as well.

Unfortunately I have no opinion, insights or secret sources and just can’t be bothered to pick up the phone and ask those pesky question things.

So here are some facts instead.

Tower Hamlets Council payments to Brady Youth Forum

directorate service division responsible_unit expense_type payment_date transaction_number net_amount supplier_name
Communities & Localities Cultural and Related Services Recreation & Sport Sports Development Misc Expenses(Supp/Serv) 2012-11-09 5946612 £500 BRADY YOUTH FORUM
Communities & Localities Children & Education Services Services to Young People Rapid Response SLA Services Received 2013-02-22 6030874 £5,000 BRADY YOUTH FORUM
Communities & Localities Education Services Services to Young People and Other Community Learners Positive Activities Young Pple Third Party Payments – Voluntary Associations 2013-05-31 3022278 £5,000 BRADY YOUTH FORUM

Nothing particularly interesting really, is it?

Islamaphobe racist statistics – naturally

By publishing some facts I will be immediately accused of being an Islamaphobe and racist – it’s standard stuff in Tower Hamlets. At least it’s not perving of course.

So I should point out that the origin of the data is Tower Hamlets Council and is extracted from their ‘Payments to suppliers above £500’ financial records which the Council is obliged to publish by the DCLG. And which I have tidied up and published for your spreadsheet pleasure.

From what little analysis of the Payments to suppliers above £500 data I have undertaken so far I would love to see Payments to suppliers above £100. That would be a treat.

Clouseau of the Sûreté

For those of you who have Clouseau type tendencies there is something quite interesting in the data above. Spotted it? No. Never mind. I will return to this  in some detail shortly.

CSI New York fans could order a DNA test on the three payment records and have the case wrapped before tea.

And to the residents of Wapping in search of a decent Egyptian Goose story I can only apologise once again.



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