Metropolitan Police start investigation into Greenbankgate

It’s amazing what you read in the newspapers.

After a blissful period of doing nothing whatsoever to do with blogging at all the entire Love Wapping team were shocked and amazed to see this headline in today’s Evening Standard.

Lutfur Rahman: ‘bogus officials canvassed for Tower Hamlets mayor before East End ballot’

“Crikey!”, the entire team said in unison.

“Bogus workers! Probing! Allegations! Door knocking by smartly dressed women! Lots of exclamation marks!!!!!”

Once the initial excitement had worn off the Love Wapping Editorial Team decided it might be a good idea to send the Love Wapping Senior Reporter to the Green Bank Estate to get some reaction from local residents.

The Love Wapping Junior Photographer went too as the Senior Photographer was busy taking pics at some arty farty dance thing.

Pretty useless

Unfortunately our team are pretty useless at the best of times so they only managed to get this photograph of a Wapping Squirrel after some nuts.

Determined squirrel after nuts
Determined squirrel after nuts


The Editorial Team did say that the squirrel made a lot more sense than one particular electoral candidate in Wapping.  Good manners forbid me from mentioning his name.

Still not a national newsroom

Everyone at Love Wapping knows their limitations and that they are not ‘a national newsroom’.

Not only do we not have a photocopier, any knowledge of shorthand, an expense account or a national readership we sometimes don’t even have a pen if we lose it.

But as stories tend to come knocking on the door of Love Wapping HQ this does not seem to be a problem.

Although sometimes you do have to really dig for a story. Or should we say dig for the truth?
The Wapping Mole

A mole that enjoys his work

Fortunately the Wapping Mole is rather good at digging. He enjoys his work.

So, after a brief sabbatical, Love Wapping is back. Albeit it in a more condensed form.

Who knows, the Wapping Mole might yet have some stories worthy of a national newspaper’s newsroom yet.

Which would be interesting, wouldn’t it?



Editors Note:  This blog was  suspended due to various detrimental comments about Love Wapping on Twitter. The Metropolitan Police has been given a list of all the Twitter accounts that were generating these comments, so we might all want to remind ourselves that just because something is digital the laws of the land still apply.


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