Help ‘Gigabit Gloria’ bring high speed BT Broadband to Wapping


Most of us don’t have a choice of broadband provider in Wapping – it’s BT. Trouble is for many of us the BT Broadband service is slow and unreliable.

So why not get a super duper whizzy fast BT OpenReach fibre optic connection?

Because there is no BT OpenReach in Wapping. (Unless you live in 21 Wapping Lane). And no firm timetable for OpenReach installation.

Cllr Gloria R Thienel (Conservative) from our neighbours down the river in Blackwall & Cubitt Town is helping this along – thanks Gigabit Gloria!

In an attempt to move things along a little bit we would ask anyone with an existing BT Broadband connection to complete the simple form below.

Then we can go and talk to BT and ask when, oh when, will Wapping have decent broadband?

[Form id=”10″]

Thanks for your help in doing this, tell your friends to complete the form too!

5 thoughts on “Help ‘Gigabit Gloria’ bring high speed BT Broadband to Wapping

  1. The problem is many of the properties in Wapping (especially on the high street like me) have an exchange only line – meaning no green box, which means no fibre – even if the area gets enabled – I was pretty much told by BT the only way I would get fibre would be if the property owners paid for the installation of a green box and all that it entails – big sadface!! – 🙁

    1. Completely understand. However BT need to understand that they can’t just ignore Wapping because they need to spend some extra cash to give us proper high speed internet. Even now many only have ordinary broadband in name only because they can only get 256k modem speeds. At the moment Wapping is being treated like the depths of the countryside.

      1. The problem is that BT doesn’t legally have to do a thing for EO lines – and none of the governments earmarked funds are available to communities blighted by them – which leaves it up to property developers to foot the bill (not likely) – to looks like were stuck with dire speeds for the foreseeable future. 🙁

          1. It’s an exchange only line. I.e doesn’t go to a green box – and stretches all the way to the exchange. most of Wapping has these.

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