Another day, another FOI request to Tower Hamlets Council

If you are getting bored of reading these posts just think how bored I am writing them.

Freedom of Information Request 20 January 2014

“Sorry to bother you again but I was wondering if you could help me out with this please?I live on the Green Bank Estate in Watts Street, Wapping. On the afternoon of 16th January 2014 I observed two women with clipboards but with no visible ID knocking on the doors of specific flats in Frobisher House and Beechey House.

I noticed that the clipboards with lined paper forms that they carried and the ‘Mayor’s News’ leaflets they were giving to residents were identical to that carried by the three women who visited my flat on 7th November 2013 saying they were from Tower Hamlets Homes.

Despite my FOI request 9653 of 2013 and two separate enquiries by LBTH and THH these women have not as yet been identified

I think it is highly likely that the two women I saw on 16th January 2014 are part of the same team as the three women I met on 7th November 2013.

When the women left the estate I followed them down Tench Street and saw them get into a blue Nissan Micra registration number W792 TCK. They sat there for some time looking through paperwork.

As I had my camera with me I took some very poor quality footage of the women in the car and have published this on the Love Wapping website and also on YouTube (

From this video various documents and maps can be seen, one document has the initial ‘ME’ written on it in pencil. I believe ME may stand for ‘Member Enquiry’.

Their maps also show West Gardens and Benson Quay in yellow highlighter so I believe this is where they were going to next.

I think the documents that were using might be photocopied versions of the amended Electoral Roll.

I was wondering if you could ascertain who these women were, if they were working for LBTH on a Council Members Enquiry or were they working on for another organisation? If so which one? And what was their purpose in visiting Frobisher House and Beechey House?

At no time when I was watching these two women (approximately 20 minutes) did I notice any visible ID and they drove off before I had the chance to ask them. Two minutes later I also saw two other women in Reardon Street with the same clipboards who seemed to be undertaking the same task. Could you tell me who they are as well please?

Many thanks,

Mark Baynes”


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