Let’s add some Data Protection Act disclosure sauce to the FOI mix!

In all the excitement I think I forgot to mention that today I have also made a submission to London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council (LBTH) under the Data Protection Act.

Admit it, you are hooked now, aren’t you?

To be honest it is not that much different from the FOI requests I have made, but this request is to disclose any information held about me by LBTH. And where. And how. And when.

Let’s face it, if two investigations, three FOI requests, one Data Protection Act disclosure request and a right kerfuffle in a Council meeting don’t manage to reveal who the mystery women were then – we will still find out!

Just needs a little determination.

I am beginning to think this is all a little odd. We could be excused for thinking that someone has something to hide.

But I find that very difficult to believe.

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