Al Mubarakia Ltd, 110 Pennington Street and social responsibility

Guess what? Pennington Street has become a problem again.

After a few quiet months I was distressed to hear that on Saturday night the people who have been causing huge problems in Pennington Street are back in residence.

This means that the local MPS team, Tower Hamlets Council will probably have to redo all their work again if and when any illegal activity takes place in Unit 3 of the Urban Enterprise Centre. And that is likely to cost a lot of money that should be spent on other things and distract Tower Hamlets MPS from other vital work.

So this is very bad news for Wapping and Tower Hamlets.

Apparently this video was shot last night and posted on the ‘Overground Sounds’ Facebook page with the promise of a DNB/House/Grime/ Garage party when you call the numbers displayed.

And here is a report of last night from a resident who lives the other side of The Highway and was on the receiving end of the ‘party’:

“Was woken up at 5am by the loudest music ever which I can only assume was coming from a “club” on Pennington St. There weren’t portaloos in Machine Marts car park that there usually are, and you could see people on the first floor….stayed in bed when it finished around 7am, saw graffiti on the windows above the motorbikes mechanics.”

I do know that our local police are on the case already. But they have a tricky problem to solve. To find out why read on.

One address, different businesses.

110 Pennington street is one large building which is divided into different units for different businesses.

Trouble is looking at 110 Pennington Street from the outside without knowing what is inside it is easy to make the incorrect assumption that Units 1, 2 and 3 are the same company.

They are not.

Both Unit 1 and Unit 2 on the ground floor are leased by Studio Spaces Ltd, Unit 1 from Al Mubarakia Ltd and Unit 2 from another private landlord.

Unit 3 is the Urban Enterprise Centre. The ground floor unit is the one that has caused all the problems over many years now. This is also owned by Al Mubarakia Ltd

It is believed that other units on the other floors are also owned by Al Mubarakia Ltd. If you have a look at the Land Registry document on this page you will notice it is quite tricky to work out.

Here’s a diagram to make things a little clearer. Maybe.

Diagram of Pennington Street.
Diagram of Pennington Street.

Who or what is Al Mubarakia Ltd?

Well thanks to a neighbour – thanks Paul! – who provided me with the Land Registry document it is not too hard to work out. The document state that the registered owner of 110-116 Pennington Street (E1W 2BB) is CETYL INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC (incorporated in Panama) of Al-Mubarakia Limited, 9 South Street, London W1K 2XA.

[wpdm_file id=15]

Now it just so happens that I am doing a little bit of corporate detective work on another project which is nothing to do with 11o-116 Pennington Street whatsoever. And a very useful site I use is that of OpenCorporates (The Open Database of the Corporate World).

So I searched OpenCorporates for “CETYL INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC” and found this record. Click on the registration link and you don’t get far because this happens. This is the Public Registry of Panama. Nowhere near Wapping! Or even Kuwait.

So next I searched for “Al Mubarakia Limited”  which came up with this result which is a bit more useful.

I then clicked on the link that took me to the Companies House page for Al-Mubarakia Limited.

This doesn’t reveal much either apart from the fact that the registered address for Al-Mubarakia Ltd is Care Of The Hyde Partnership in Surrey. Pop over to that website and you are directed to contact an office in Cavendish Square, London, W1.

However I was told by the nice people at Tobacco Dock London (which they wish to point out is 100% independent from the owners of Tobacco Dock the building) that Al Mubarakia is the management agent for Bisley Properties SA which owns the building.

Confused? You should be.

The bottom line

Bottom line is that Al Mubarakia owns Tobacco Dock (the building), the car park over the road in Wapping Lane, the derelict waste land between Tobacco Dock and The Highway (which one day someone might actually do something with), the other bit of derelict land off Chigwell Hill, the BP garage next to it (or at least the land) and the building we know as 110-116 Pennington Street.

Seems like the people from Kuwait like Wapping and very flattered we are.

So what’s the point of finding out who owns 110 Pennington Street?

Well the point is this.

Every time there has been problems with the naughty people who cause trouble in the Urban Enterprise Centre at Unit 3, 110 Pennington Street everyone involved has done their utmost to sort the situation once and for all. And every time they get the case to court it seems to fail there. It’s not a criminal law problem, more a civil law problem.  I have discussed this issue with various organisations numerous times and that seems to be where the process fails.


I don’t know.

But I do think this. If Al-Mubarakia Ltd own 110-116 Pennington Street then they are part of the Wapping community as much as any other business or individual. And that means they have a social responsibility to this community.

The antics at Pennington Street will continue until such time as the freeholders of Pennington Street – Al-Mubarakia Ltd – get their act together and refuse to lease any part of their premises to the people who have been causing trouble for years.

I would hazard a guess that a Kuwaiti property investment company has considerable resources at its disposal. And I would ask Al-Mubarakia Ltd if they could use some of these resources to please sort this problem out once and for all? You must know the issue and if you don’t you should.

Wapping is a fairly safe and quiet area and we want to keep it that way. But time and again the person or persons who use Unit 3 of 110 Pennington Street have caused trouble. The team at Studio Spaces next door have a hell of a time trying to run a business with all sorts of nonsense going on next door. And to add insult to injury because they share the same address they get tarred with the same brush as the ‘business’ next door. That’s just not right.

As well as this what happens in Unit 3 of 110 Pennington Street generates crime and Anti Social Behaviour all along Pennington Street and further into Wapping. This cannot be allowed to happen again.

Tobacco Dock is one of our favourite buildings in Wapping and Tobacco Dock London are doing a fantastic job of making this wonderful space work after it has lain idle for many years. But how long will it be before their business is affected by Unit 3 110 Pennington Street? Next weekend? And what will their clients think when their events are disturbed by the sound of sirens as the police have to attend yet more illegal activity?

Further along Pennington Street the team at London Dock are just starting on their project which will regenerate Pennington Street. But what is the point of St George making one end nice when there is all sorts of nonsense going on at the other end?

Sort it out Al-Mubarakia!

I would hope that Tobacco Dock London, London Dock and any other business in the area will make contact with Al-Mubarakia Ltd and ask them to sort this problem out.

As residents we can make our views known but big companies have the ability to do good things when they want to.

We will be keeping an eye on Pennington Street and see if Al-Mubarakia Ltd can be a good neighbour. We are sure they can.

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