Wapping Wander Sunday 17th November 12:00

Just a reminder that the next Wapping Wander will be taking place next Sunday.

As usual meeting point is Wapping Green by the bus stop at 12:00

The main subject of this wander will be – bridges! Route will be:

  • Footbridge over canal
  • Along canal taking in…
  • The small bridge that connects Discovery Walk to London Dock
  • Garnett Street bridge eastern side of Wapping Woods
  • Glamis Road bridge eastern side of Shadwell Basin

Why bridges you may ask? Why not we reply!

Glamis road bridge
Glamis road bridge

If you know your Wapping history you will know that bridges are fundamental to our heritage and now need looking after. Also there are other issues such as the re-opening of the Discovery Walk – London Dock footbridge (http://goo.gl/maps/Uhbh4) and lighting (or lack of lighting) under the Garnett Street bridge.

But the main focus will be on the conservation / preservation of our bridges so if you happen to be an expert in this field then please come along – we need your knowledge.

The state of the bridges varies but they do need some care and attention. Any work that needs doing would not be cheap so if there is no existing funding available we would need to find some. And get thing’s done because that’s what Love Wapping does!

As ever our wanderings will not just be restricted to the Wapping Wander topic, anything is on the agenda. Come along, have a wander, meet new people. And it’s free!


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