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Why Mayor Lutfur, with all these letters you are surely spoiling us?

By on November 30, 2013 in Greenbankgate, Tower Hamlets

Well it’s been a quiet week here at Love Wapping HQ. Apart from a blog post being the centre of an Emergency Motion at a Tower Hamlets Council Meeting of course. But that sort of thing happens all the time, right?

Why only a few weeks ago my shopping list was read out at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. I hear they are still arguing the issue of  Economy Baked Beans versus the usual Heinz Baked Beans.

So where were we? Oh, letters!

Fan mail

Due to annoying distractions like having to work I have not been able to document the letters I have been getting from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets as they have arrived. Of course we at Love Wapping are used to fan mail, but this is starting to become embarrassing.

I may be blushing

Front page of leaflet given to me by Tower Hamlets Homes staff.

Front page of leaflet given to me by Tower Hamlets Homes staff.

The reason I have been getting letters from Mayor Lutfur is because of what happened a few weeks ago when some nice people knocked on my door, we had a nice conversation, I shut my door then said “Hang on a minute!”.

Now whatever group these people belonged to – and this has still to be clarified – they obviously do have very good connections with the Mayor’s Office.

The glossy leaflet I was given (left) did have contact details for the Mayor’s Office on but even so, the level of attention has been flattering to say the least.

As I know you like reading letters I thought I would share these with you.








Letter from Major Lutfur #1

Letter from Mayor Lutfur re Wapping Woods Lighting

Letter from Mayor Lutfur re Wapping Woods Lighting


Letter from Major Lutfur #2

Letter from Mayor Lutfur re Green Bank Estate road

Letter from Mayor Lutfur re Green Bank Estate road


Letter from Major Lutfur #3

Letter from Mayor Lutfur updating me on Wapping Woods lighting.

Letter from Mayor Lutfur updating me on Wapping Woods lighting.


Letter from Major Lutfur #4

Letter from Mayor Lutfur detailing Wapping Woods lighting repairs.

Letter from Mayor Lutfur detailing Wapping Woods lighting repairs.

Impressive don’t you think? No less than three ladies turn up at my door saying they are from Tower Hamlets Homes, give me a party political leaflet from Mayor Lutfur (with some nice pics of him too) and then he starts writing to me!

How cool is that?

What is really lovely is that in the three and a half years I have lived on the Green Bank estate I don’t recall getting this level of attention from the Town Hall before. Or should I say the Independent Party? Either way it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to be wanted. Just a pity I was ignored for so long.

Who were those three women?

So I decided to ring up the Mayor’s Office and see if I could find out the name of the nice lady who I talked to.

First time I called (12:07 hours Tuesday 19 November) I spoke to a very friendly gentleman and I asked to speak to the lady who visited me on November 7th. I was told that there are two female volunteers who go out in the morning but are in the office in the afternoon, so I should ring back after 2pm.

Rang again later in the afternoon the same day and said I wanted to add a comment to the issues I raised the other week. I spoke to a female this time, she checked my address and said that the forms had not come back to them as yet and it might be worth checking in another week.

Then life got in the way a bit and it was not until Friday 29th November (10.41 am) that I managed to call again. I spoke to another very helpful person, Bushra, and explained that I wanted to follow up on the issues I had mentioned a few weeks back and was it possible to tell me the name of the lady I spoke to?

She took the Enquiry Number on the letters I had been sent (see above) and checked my address and post code. As I had two Enquiry Numbers that obviously meant that the initial paperwork had been put into the computer system. And most computer systems for tracking the progress of enquiries and actions would probably require the name of the person who collected the original data.

But it was not my lucky day. I was told that the name I needed wasn’t available at the moment but she (Bushra) would have a look and see if she could find it and ring me back either way.

Bushra – I am still waiting for that call.

In the meantime here is another little puzzle for you.

Just prior to the knock on my door by the three women who worked for <insert your theory here> I had seen them talking to my neighbour in the opposite block  (Franklin House). You may remember that in my original post on this subject I said that “Walking through the Green Bank on the way there I could see another team of two men talking to another resident and passed another team of three women in Green Bank itself. All carrying the same clipboards with the same list of addresses attached.”

The next day I happened to see what I am reasonably sure were the same two men on the Green Bank again. You can see them in the photo below that I took from my kitchen window of them knocking on a door at Beechey House.

Canvassers for Mayor Lutfur on Green Bank estate 08 November 2013

Canvassers for Mayor Lutfur on Green Bank estate 08 November 2013

All perfectly fair and above board.

Now I cannot be 100% sure these were the same two men that I had seen the day before. Around 75% sure but not 100%. Either way I went and had a nice chat with them and they told me that they worked for Mayor Lutfur and what they were doing etc. All perfectly fair and above board. Very intelligent guys.

But a reasonable person has to ask this question.

If the day before three women who claimed they were from Tower Hamlets Homes knocked on my door in Frobisher House at around 11.30 AM and at around 12.0o AM I see two men who were carrying the same clipboards with the same forms on knocking on other people’s doors at Jackman House about 150 feet away (yes, I measured it) would it not be fair to assume that all three women and two men were all part of the same team?

Who knows. What do you think? Have you had canvassers knocking on your door? Did you check their identity?

About those Wapping Woods lights

As you can see from the letters sent to me by Mayor Lutfur on the 20th November he confirms he is going to check the status of the lighting in Wapping Woods and on the 27th November he sends me another letter confirming that the lights were inspected on the 20th November and fixed the next day. Impressive, huh?

Well….not really.

How to save Town Hall postage costs

Because ever since the first public meeting about the Wapping Woods attacks lot of people on the Council, especially Cllr. Denise Jones and Cllr. Dr Emma Jones, have been working to get the lights sorted. And on the 1st November I wrote this post wondering why the lighting in the Woods was still rubbish. Well I found out a few weeks later because all the lights were to soon be fixed (so no point in repairing them at that point).

I found out they were fixed when I went on the Community Policing Walkabout and saw the fantastic new lighting that has been installed.

Now if only Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed had not been so stricken with flu and come along on the Walkabout he could have seen the new lighting for himself. Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed is the Cabinet Member for Community Safety at Tower Hamlets Council by the way.

And maybe told the Mayor?

Would have saved some stamps.


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