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It’s been a few weeks now since we first heard about the proposed development by St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church of their buildings in Dundee Street, the Boys Club and Old School building.

The quote below from Father William gives an idea of the proposal.

“The proposed scheme will create new apartments (many of them for over 50s) as well as space in the ground floor of both sites for parish/community use.

The scheme has now reached the stage of going to planning and as such there will be a public consultation in the Old School on when plans will be displayed and there can be be an opportunity to ask questions of the design team and put forward any suggestions you might have.

My desire in the first place is to protect the interests of the parish and I believe the plans which are about to be submitted represent the best option.

Fr. William”

The architects and planning consultants for this proposed development are Scott Brownrigg working on behalf of the Westminster Roman Catholic Trustee.

There has been an exhibition of the development specifically for comments by Wapping residents in the back of the church (not the church itself, the little room at the back) and as far as the Love Wapping Planning Development Scrutiny Group is aware it is still there.

We did email Scott Brownrigg asking if they had a PDF of the documents on display for us to publish here but have to date not had a reply.

So instead we made our own from photographs we took of the documents on display in the church that  you can find in this PDF document. [wpdm_file id=7].

Here are two cropped images from the document and two photographs so you get the general idea of the location.

Click on any of the images to see them full size.

Overview of St Patricks development area.
Overview of St Patricks development area.


Overview of St Patricks development area.
Overview of St Patricks development area.
St Patrick's Boys Club, Dundee Street.
St Patrick’s Boys Club, Dundee Street.
St Patrick's old school building, Dundee Street.
St Patrick’s old school building, Dundee Street.

The Boys Club is one of the more interesting buildings in Wapping and is also probably the most dilapidated. It seems that it is not possible to rescue what remains of the original structure which is a pity but a consequence of it standing empty for so long.

Making good use of the Old School can only be a good thing as there are too many people in London who are in dire need of housing and we cannot allow buildings to remain empty.

One of the major issues for any developments on this site are their close proximity to existing housing, so if you have views about this now is the time to speak up. Note that this is not at the stage of a formal planning application to Tower Hamlets as yet.

Obviously Scott Brownrigg are interested in any of your comments and you can contact them directly.

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  1. I run a community arts space in Hackney. Seven years ago I looked round the Boys club and fell in love with the building. I made a proposal to rent the building and refurbish it but after an initial interest, my proposal was turned because the estate agent seemed convinced the building would be sold within a year. I noted the hole in roof at the time and the damage being done. The church has cynically let that beautiful building rot for seven years. Now they say it cannot be saved It breaks my heart.

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