Wapping Egg Mystery No. 2 – Double Trouble

Wapping’s Wildlife Rangers made an interesting discovery while on patrol today which has left them scratching their heads. There again most things do. Opening doors puzzles them on a good day.

Below you will see a photo the Rangers took today which shows two eggs which seem to be perfectly formed and are maybe just under twice the size of a chicken egg. One seems to be speckled, the other plain white.

The Two Mystery Eggs
The Two Mystery Eggs

What you will also notice is that there is no nest as such. Many of the birds on the water in Wapping will use rubbish to construct their nest but this has no natural materials around the eggs, just some rubbish. The object to the left partly hidden by leaves is a fruit juice container, the red packet is similar in size to a packet of rolling tobacco.

Odder and odder

Even odder is the location of the eggs. They are in plain sight on a wooden beam which forms a ledge on the side of a old dock somewhere in Wapping. Precise location will not be revealed on here for obvious reasons. But on one side is a eight foot drop into the water and on the other side a concrete platform. This is not used that much but is not that secluded or quiet.

The only reason I spotted the eggs was because I was looking over the edge of the dock at some other birds nesting and they just caught my eye. It would be quite easy to reach out and touch them. Am surprised they have not be disturbed.

East End Eccentric Egg Positioner Explanation

So has anybody any idea what is going on? I do wonder if someone has put them there. If so why? For what reason? Is there a Eccentric Egg Positioner at loose in the East End who gets their kicks from placing bird eggs in odd places? Was this person or persons responsible for the sudden appearance and disappearance of the odd sized egg on the swan’s nest on the canal? Is anywhere safe? Will we all wake up tomorrow to find an egg on each and every one of our pillows?

Or is it just some bird that doesn’t need a nest?

Here’s a really interesting feature about the different ways birds nest.

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