Taking Wapping out of ‘Network Wapping’

Yawn! Bored with reading about Network Wapping on here? Yes? Me too.

Think yourself lucky you don’t have to write about them as well. I have tern photos to edit!

Anyway I shall keep this very brief.

There is one approach to resolve the current mess which is quite simple. Remove Wapping from Network Wapping. See map below.

Revised Network Wapping Boundary
Revised Network Wapping Boundary

You can also download this map as a PDF. [wpdm_file id=2]

I feel – but cannot speak for – that the organisations who Network Wapping failed to consult with may be sympathetic to this approach.

Hello Network Shadwell

This would mean of course that ‘Network Wapping’ would then have to become ‘Network Shadwell’.

Let’s hope they haven’t got their business cards printed yet.


2 thoughts on “Taking Wapping out of ‘Network Wapping’

  1. Mark
    What a sensible idea. Sorry to say my life experience tells me that is precisely why it may not be acted upon… But for what it’s worth you have my whole-hearted support.

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