Network Wapping and Tower Science Academy. Some questions.

Just before a meeting yesterday (full post later) regarding Network Wapping’s Neighbourhood Planning forum application I was chatting to Mark Slankard, Chair of the Limehouse Community Forum.

You’re having a laugh aren’t you?

“What’s the deal with the Wapping Science Academy?”, asked Mark. Having never heard of the Wapping Science Academy I thought Mark was joking. But he wasn’t.

So during the meeting I asked John Bell of Network Wapping about the ‘Wapping Science Academy’. He looked at me blankly and denied all knowledge of it.

Fair enough I thought, must be a mistake. After all I had never heard of it and I had also been present at the last Network Wapping meeting which was all about education and schools and I am reasonably sure if a Wapping Science Academy had been mentioned I would have made a note of it.

You wait ages for one new school to turn up then several arrive at once

After all, just how many new schools can Wapping accomodate? I forgot about it as I had other things to do.

Later that afternoon Mark Slankard sent me the link to a Google search for ‘Wapping Science Academy’ which showed a record at Companies House for ‘Tower Science Academy Ltd’.

Mark also sent me a link to – ‘Tower Science Academy’. I clicked on the link. What? WHAT? WHAAAAAAATTTT? So Tower Science Academy exists but Wapping Science Academy does not exist.

Even more interesting was to see John Bell’s cheery face smiling out at me from the Tower Science Academy Meet the Team page. And in the bio he mentions that he is ‘…an active member of the Wapping Network initiative.’

Spot the difference

Wapping Science Academy. Tower Science Academy. Two completely different names. Well, no. Two very similar names.

Tower Science Academy Ltd

The Companies House entry for ‘Tower Science Academy Ltd’ gives this information:

Name & Registered Office:
E1 8JH 
Company No. 07914990

E1 8JH. Somewhere quite close by. But where exactly? A quick Google on the post code E1 8JH gives an area north of The Highway. What you will not see unless you zoom in on the Google Maps pin is the name Project Architects. Googling again I got this:

Project Architects
46 Hatton House
E1 8JJ

E1 8JH and E1 8JJ. Very similar. Project Architects also rang a bell. A John Bell in fact. See my previous post on the Network Wapping membership list to check his home post code. Because Project Architects is John Bell. Check his Linkedin profile.

Ding dong

So the John Bell who is on the steering group of Tower Science Academy is presumably a director of Tower Science Academy Ltd. No problem with that, anything like the Tower Science Academy needs a formal business structure.

This brings me back to the question I asked John Bell yesterday and his denial of any knowledge of Wapping Science Academy. Not exactly a model of transparency.

Some questions for John Bell of Network Wapping

  1. Why did you publicly deny any knowledge of the existence of a ‘Wapping Science Academy’ when you are on the steering group for the ‘Tower Science Academy’?
  2. At the Network Wapping meeting held on 8th May 2013 entitled ‘Excellence in Education’ why was there no mention of the Tower Science Academy?
  3. What is the nature of the business relationship, if any, between Project Architects and Tower Science Academy?
  4. What steps have you taken to publicise the existence of the Tower Science Academy in the local community?
  5. What feedback did you get from members of the local community regarding the Tower Science Academy proposal?
  6. What is the relationship between Network Wapping and the Tower Science Academy?
  7. Why is there no mention on the Network Wapping website of your involvement with the Tower Science Academy?
  8. Can you provide details of the funding awarded to the Tower Science Academy by the New Schools Network?

As always I will be more than happy to publish John Bell’s response to these questions on Love Wapping.

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2 thoughts on “Network Wapping and Tower Science Academy. Some questions.

  1. Was this at a Network Wapping meeting? They didn’t put
    notification up on their website – do you know when the next one is?

    1. No, this was at a meeting with community groups organised by Cllr. Denise Jones to sort out the Network Wapping issue. I have just posted a report on this. Others have asked me about when the next Network Wapping meeting is and I don’t know I am afraid. They are not very good at posting events on their site.

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