What is the “Network Wapping Social Enterprise Company”?

If you have a dig around the Network Wapping site you can find – not much.

However one thing I have found is the agenda for tonight’s meeting. I reproduce it below.

Network Wapping 8th May Agenda
Network Wapping 8th May Agenda

So it seems that the meeting is primarily for Community Solutions to talk about educational issues. Fine by me. With one rider.

Who are Community Solutions?

Being the nosy type (you guessed that already, right?) I followed the contact link for Communities Solutions which takes you here.  And not wishing to decline the kind offer of getting in touch with Community Solutions I completed the email form with the simple question: “What is the relationship between Community Solutions and Network Wapping?’

I await their reply.

Popping over to the Community Solutions home page here I read that it is a registered charity. Although it does not display this on the homepage the Community Solutions charity number is 1140743. You can see full details of Community Solutions on the Charity Commission site here.  Nothing of interest really. Christine Trumper, a member of Network Wapping, I know and like.

But read on..

There is not much information on the Community Solutions website,  the ‘Our People’ page is blank and the only partners listed on the Partners page is the East London Garden Society.

Then i clicked on News and found this:

“The aim of the Network Wapping Social Enterprise Company… is to establish and support self-funding projects that are of benefit to the community in terms of social cohesion, environmental benefit and economic resilience.”

Explanation please Network Wapping

Network Wapping Social Enterprise Company? What is this? Explanation please Network Wapping! We would love to know! Does Network Wapping operate under the name of the ‘Network Wapping Social Enterprise Company’? If so why, if not why the reference on the website?


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