Neighbourhood Planning forums and potential conflicts of interest

I have today emailed Tower Hamlets Council regarding potential conflicts of interest between members of a Neighbourhood Planning forum and developers.

The text of this email is below and I will of course publish their response.


Further to my objection to the application by Network Wapping to become a Neighbourhood Planning forum I wonder if you could tell me what procedures are in place to prevent conflicts of interest?

Specifically I would like to know if it would be possible for a member of a Neighbourhood Planning forum to have any commercial links with property developers or owners who have plans for the neighbourhood in question?

Also what procedures are in place to prevent a property developer or a developer’s associates or agents from becoming resident in the neighbourhood in question then joining the Neighbourhood Planning forum and so exerting influence in that way?

I know Neighbourhood Planning forums will be overseen by the relevant Councils but the above issues do worry me and I would like clarification if possible.

Many thanks

Mark Baynes


It would be helpful to all of this if Network Wapping could also provide information regarding this issue so we all know the situation. I will be happy to publish it here.