Just one reason why Leila Ycr is a Wapping Hero

Leyla and recent customer Tony Benn
Leyla and recent customer Tony Benn

You all probably know Leila who runs the Turks Head cafe. That doesn’t really do Leila and her team justice, they do far more than run a cafe, they look after people.

What you might not know is that every day Leila and her cousin Jan drive all the way from Enfield where they live to Wapping.

Which is about 13 miles away. Quite a drive.

Anyway today the Wildlife Rangers where on patrol as usual when it started to rain. So being a bunch of lightweights they immediately retreated to the Turks Head cafe for breakfast.

One of the Wildlife Rangers was having a chat with Leila as he had not been in to the Turks Head for a while and so took the opportunity to catch up.

Somehow the conversation turned to the weather and the really bad snow London and most of the south east suffered three years ago. London was at a halt, no public transport, roads impassible, no nothing.

Most people took the day off work. Not Leila.

The famous Turks Head sign
The famous Turks Head sign

Apparently Leila and Jan walked all the way from Enfield to Wapping to open up the Turks Head. That’s 13 miles in thick snow. They left at 6 am and got to Wapping at around 11.30 am.

I was amazed but not surprised by this dedication. I asked Leyla why she didn’t just stay at home like everyone else?

“Because I needed to open the cafe because people would need nice hot chocolate!”she replied.

Which says it all really.

Thanks Leyla.

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