‘Big Blog Barry’, Paul ‘Pullquote’ Kellaway, Captain Kidd and why we fight to Save KEMP

Save King Edward Memorial Park
Save King Edward Memorial Park

As you will know the competition amongst the Wapping blogging community to write the pithiest, newsiest, relevantist and, let’s face it, funniest blog posts is fierce.

Where is ‘Big Blog Barry’?

Only last week well known local blogger ‘Big Blog Barry’ disappeared in strange circumstances after trying to upgrade his WordPress site by himself.

Few know that Captain Kidd, well known local pirate who was hung on this very day in 1701 at Execution Dock (where the Silver Fleet moors off King Henry Stairs) was in fact one of the first Wapping bloggers.

Years before the Interweb was invented Captain Kidd blogged about his pirating adventures but, due to him having no internet connection on his ship, few read his posts. A loss to history.

Paul ‘Pullquote’ Kellaway

So I hope this puts into perspective my belief that this recent post by Wapping blogger, Waitrose whinger and all round good person Paul ‘Pullquote’ Kellaway is one of the best this year. OK, the best. Maybe. Perhaps. Quite likely.

Read this extract for example:

“We do not suppose that Shadwell Park will ever become a fashionable resort ; but we believe that it will be not only a true benefit to the neighbourhood, but also refreshing and inspiring place of pilgrimage for those who have the sense to remember that London ceases on the East neither at Piccadilly Circus, nor at Temple Bar, nor even at Tower-Hill.”

Fine words. Even finer when you realise when they were written. Read the post  “Why I declared myself to be an interested party” then go and do the right thing.

Register with PINs and help to Save KEMP from destruction by Thames Water.

So there you have it. A blog post about a blog post which is mainly lifted straight from a newspaper report. Who said new media wasn’t capable of creating new content?

[Editors note. The management of Love Wapping would like to point out that the comments about Captain Kidd in this post are very silly. Although we encourage humour whenever we can find somewhere else to copy it from we think it appropriate, we cannot, as a responsible international news corporation, condone this level of silliness. It’s just silly. Very, very silly indeed. Next thing you know some bright spark will be claiming there is a pub in Wapping named after Captain Kidd. How silly is that?] 

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