Bam! Zok! Pow! Pennington Street raided by police

110 Pennington Street problems finally solved?

Zzzzzwap! Bam! Zok! Pow! Kapow! Biff! Pam! Thunk! Whammmmmm!

Well it probably wasn’t quite like the Caped Crusader sorting out The Joker but  the problems premises at 110 Pennington Street had an unexpected visit from our Safer Neighbourhood Team and Tower Hamlets Planning Enforcement team this morning!

Bam! Kapow! Zonk!
Hooray! Bet they weren’t expecting that were they? Tee hee!

And me calling it a raid is a slight exaggeration probably. More like a polite knock on the door and the handing over of the warrant. But ‘raid’ sound’s more fun.

Stick that in your Shisha pipe and smoke it!

Here is the email from Sgt. Jak Bentley of the SNT that just popped into my inbox.

“As I type this email we are in the process of clearing out the premises of 110 Pennington street.

The Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team working in partnership with The Council Planning Enforcement have executed a warrant this morning at 110 [Pennington Street] and are now clearing the unit of all furnishings and everything involved in the use of the illegal Shisha bar.

The Freeholders will then take ownership of the premises once more and so I am hopeful that is the end of the problems at 110 Pennington.

We will no doubt be on the premises for a few hours yet as there is a lot to clear.”

How cool is that? Stick that in your Shisha pipe and smoke it!

Our Senior Crime Reporter writes

As this is quite a big deal Love Wapping sent our Senior Crime Reporter to the scene to have a look round and take some photos.

According to our Senior Crime Reporter the inside of the club is much bigger than you would imagine, several rooms at the end of a maze of breeze block corridors. The SNT estimate that it had a capacity of 200 people. Most of the rooms had arty fabric hanging from the walls and ceiling.

The photo below shows the Shisha pipes that were removed from the property. Didn’t these people know that it is illegal to smoke inside? Well they do now!

A tragedy waiting to happen

Sgt Bentley pointed out that all the fire exits were secured shut. So that’s 200 people under the influence of all sorts of things + Shisha pipes + no way out in case of a fire. That equals an tragedy waiting to happen by my sums.

Pennington Street raid










The Wapping SNT team outside the premises. Please note that the Urban Enterprise Centre also houses other completely legal businesses.

Pennington Street raid










Many thanks to Jak Bentley and his SNT and the Tower Hamlets Council Planning Enforcement team for their hard work.

Or as Batman and Robin would say: Biff! Pow! Zap! Kapow! Whamm! Klonk!

Report it to sort it

And remember people – they SNT can only act on problems they know are happening and have been reported. If you do not report crime it will not get sorted.

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