London Docks development – small update re secondary school

Some clarification regarding the position of St. George regarding the London Dock development and the secondary school issue. Essentially as a result of the Inspectors report Tower Hamlets are having a think so St. George are too.

One thing that is highlighted is that “the Inspector has highlighted that this [the secondary school] will be in place of other planning obligations such as affordable housing”.

So we might get another school but we won’t get more affordable housing.

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It was our intention to present our latest proposals for London Dock in early 2013. However, the recently published Independent Inspector’s report on the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Development Management Plan has some fundamental implications for the development proposals for London Dock. In short, the site has been identified for a secondary school.

In light of the impact this will have on viability the Inspector has highlighted that this will be in place of other planning obligations such as affordable housing. The Inspector has also noted that to ensure the development is viable the height and density is likely to be greater than originally envisaged.

While Tower Hamlets consider their response to the Inspector’s recommendations, it is appropriate that St George takes stock and reviews the options in light of this and following further discussions with the Council.

We will keep you informed about progress and the next series of consultation events.


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2 thoughts on “London Docks development – small update re secondary school

  1. Am I alone in wondering why the provision of a school should remove the need for affordable housing rather than reinforce it? Won’t at least some of those in need of affordable housing have children would attend the school?

    I accept St George need to make a profit. Will they make that profit if the attitude of potential buyers reflects the view of some people that a secondary school in the locality is likely to lead to anti-social behaviour? Is it sensible to build the kind of development that attracts the childless next to a school? Would the failure to provide affordable family accommodation next to the school mean an increase in traffic as children are driven to school?

    I look forward to the next round of public consultation.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Why should a school and affordable housing be mutually exclusive? As you say St. George do need to make a profit and, if the development is carried out in the right way [insert endless discussion here] it could bring significant benefits to Wapping. It will be interesting to see what response Tower Hamlets come back with as obviously they don’t want to drive St. George out and we end up with a huge piece of Wapping abandoned.

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