110 Pennington Street problems – does anyone listen to residents?

I have been looking at a link sent to me relating to the problems caused by night clubs in the same location at 110 Pennington Street.

What is the point of Tower Hamlets council licensing committee?

As you can see below these problems go back to 2006. Which begs the question as to what is the point of the licensing committee at Tower Hamlets? Because they don’t seem to have done much in the last six years.

(If you are a member of the licensing committee and would like to explain please get in touch. But it had better be a good explanation. Really good.)

The context is the attacks in Wapping Woods and the fairly shambolic meeting last week. The problems in Wapping Woods and the problems in Pennington Street are one and the same. And it needs to be sorted.

In the Wapping Woods meeting the MPS officers present urged residents to report crime. In this meeting Tower Hamlets representatives told us what they were going to do to improve Wapping Woods. And in this meeting residents forcefully made the point that the problem is not just in Wapping Woods, it is all over Wapping and Shadwell.

We have been told that Pennington Street is a crime hot spot – but it has been for over six years, the cause of it is clear to all and still the problem remains.

Are Wapping residents just being humoured?

So are we as residents just being humoured by those who represent us and protect us? (I could use stronger words which rhyme with ‘staking’ and ‘hiss’ but i won’t.)

Read on and make your own mind up.

Extracts from complaints re Pennington Street crime

These are extracts from meeting minutes and complaints by residents relating to the problems in Pennington Street from documents which can be found here on the Tower Hamlets Council site.

From 2006 (Council minutes)

WPC Kim Wallace presented the objections on behalf of the police stating that the incident on 23 April was, in her opinion, large scale disorder that had resulted in around six arrests being made.

From 2009 (Council minutes)

The trend seemed to be for violence to be escalating.  The Police were called out nearly every weekend and neighbours had been physically confronted by youths who had often left by the time the Police attended.   Residents felt that the only possible solution to the problems was the removal of the club and measures to amend parking restrictions would have no effect.

From 2009 (Extracts from residents objections)

“I have seen condoms, and syringes scattered for children or alike to find [on Pennington Street]. I used to walk our five year old daughter from our home in Telfords Yards down Pennington Street to our local school St. Peters in Wapping, but I now have had to take a different route to protect our child from this totally unacceptable behavior.”


“…I’m sitting awake between 3 and 4 am in my flat, unable to sleep due to the constant sounds of shouting and fighting outside my flat at artichoke hill. Despite the NUMEROUS complaints which I know have already been submitted, NOTHING has been done regarding this CONSTANT disturbance. It is dangerous and easily resolved – get rid of Mangos.”

“….The noise of the night clubbers is just the tip of the iceberg. Some have also urinated, vomited and defecated in Pennington Street and Breezers Hill. When asked to keep the noise down by a neighbour in Telford’s yard, one of the night clubbers proceeded to hurl a brick through their window….”

“On another occasion, as soon as I opened the garage to park my car two men who where heading to the night club followed me inside the garage. One of them asked me how he could get the garage open all night then he started looking for a switch to leave the garage opened. I could not believe what was happening….”

“This Saturday I was woken up by two people in our walk way (i.e. under my bedroom window) talking loud whilst smoking pot. Later followed by being woken again at shortly after 3pm by a two young Asians having sex against the window.”

So there you have it.

Residents complain and nothing is done. Crime is allowed to go on and then two women nearly lose their lives in Wapping Woods because criminals know their behaviour is tolerated in the area.

Shut down the night club in Pennington Street Wapping

The cause of the problems in Pennington Street all stem from the same place, the night club.

So after consulting both rocket scientists, brains surgeons and the squirrels in the park I have come to the conclusion that if the night club is shut down the crime will disappear.

Sound like a plan?





2 thoughts on “110 Pennington Street problems – does anyone listen to residents?

  1. Hey Mark, I think that to suggest removing the club will remove crime is a misstatement. In the year that we lived here while there was no action at the Mangos site, and it lay vacant, we were still assailed by a lot of antisocial activity on the street. The cause of crime in this area I would much more attribute to the isolation, rather than the club itself. my view would be instead that the club’s presence in a secluded area already ripe for antisocial activity is a bad idea, not that the club itself is the sole cause of crime and disorder.

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